EPC projects
Zirku Facilities Capacity Enhancement Project
Onshore Brownfield Works on Das Island - Bu Haseer Early Production Scheme
Nasr Full Field Development Project - Package 3 Onshore Das Works
Replacement of Cold Liquid Blowdown Pump 17-G-030 in Plant-17 of Train-3
Installation of 3 Crude Oil Loading (COL) Pumps & Associated Modifications
FCP Gas Slug Catcher and Associated Facilities
Prevention/Mitigation of Pipe Work Leakage Study
BuHasa- 3rd New lA Compressor Package
Tie-in of 12 Wells to Gas Gathering System
100 MBD Das Facilities Upgrade project, Das Island
SHAH Sulphur Stationand Pipelines Project, UAE
AL KHAFJI Field Development Phase-I Onshore Facilities Project
16” Sahil, Asab& Shah (SAS) Full Field Development
HABSHAN Flare Gas Recovery, UAE
RAS LAFFAN Common Cooling Seawater System Phase-2 for Recirculation System & IPP 3
Offshore Associated Gases Project
BUHASA-HABSHAN Gas Pipeline Project